Sonntag, März 04, 2012


Mark Rittman hat in seinem Unternehmens-Blog ein paar umfangreiche Erläuterungen zu den aktuellen Lösungen in Oracles BI-Portfolio untergebracht. Dankenswerterweise sammelt er dabei die Einzelartikel unter jeweils einem Einstiegsartikel, was das Verlinken deutlich abkürzt. Die Artikelserien betreffen:
  • Endeca: "Endeca focused on this e-commerce market first, and developed the MDEX engine to support this, marketing it as a column-store, rapid-development query engine that allows “faceted searches” across lots of different, “jagged” data sets (i.e. data sets that don’t have the same data model, but with some commonality between them). About a couple of years ago, Endeca took the core technology from this product and created a standalone BI tool called Endeca Latitude, complete with dashboard components, an ETL tool, dashboard and report designers, and a story that revolved around “agile BI”, based on the fact that the MDEX engine doesn’t require a strictly-defined data model. By the time of the Oracle acquisiton, Endeca’s product line looked like this, with Endeca Infront, the product behind these websites, accounting for the majority of revenue."
  • Exalytics: eine In-Memory Machine als "combination of hardware and software, with the software containing special capabilities that you can’t get just by assembling your own system, using off-the-shelf components." Der erste Artikel der Serie gibt zusätzlich einen kompakten Überblick zu Oracles BI-Angeboten.

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