Samstag, Mai 12, 2012

Linux Load Average

Harald van Breederode hat eine Serie zur Semantik des Linux Load Average begonnen:
  • Understanding Linux Load Average – Part 1: "Based on all these experiments we can conclude that CPU utilization is clearly influencing the load average of a Linux system. If the load average is above the total number of processors in the system we could conclude that the system is overloaded but this assumes that nothing else influences the load average. Is CPU utilization indeed the only factor that drives the Linux load average?"
  • Understanding Linux Load Average – Part 2: "So far we have proven that both CPU utilization and disk I/O influences the load average on a Linux system. The question remains if they are the only factors driving the load average? Or are there other factors to consider?"
  • Understanding Linux Load Average – Part 3: "processes performing network I/O have an effect on the Linux Load Average"
Daraus schließt der Herr van Breederode: "Thus the 3 factors that drive the Load Average on a Linux system are processes that are on the run-queue because they:
  • Run on, or are waiting for, the CPU
  • Perform disk I/O
  • Perform network I/O"

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